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Moyo Mission
Jacob Lee and his wife have discipled and poured into 60 pastors’ lives over the last at least 5 years in West Nile Region of Uganda. We will need to raise $2000 to make this worthwhile mission happen.

Dubbed Moyo Mission, our team works with Reaching Africa’s unreached https://reachingafricasunreached.org/ provides five days of intensive training to about 50 strategic church and community leaders from the West Nile region. Participants often include South Sudan natives located as neighbors in the north.

Our training there often promotes mindset change on key community development issues like population growth, family reproductive health, life skills, and maternal mortality rates that have plagued the church in this part of such a young country

Give any amount today to make this mission a reality.


Grace Ministry.

In 2021, CWI’s Grace Ministry department took over Widows Might from a truly outstanding missionary, Monique Ladosz. We took over helping the 50 widows and their orphans.
We have changed Widows Might into a community development department by having quarterly meetings with the Widows and single mothers to learn soft skills, income generating, business, and entrepreneurial skills. Many of the women are now self-sustaining and not depending on CWI. This is what we want to see as a project to bring wholeness to a woman to be able to provide for her family.
We need $300 a month to help the widows and single mothers we take care of now. But we would love to add to this number and could add another 50 for $600 a month.

You might like to come to Uganda and see these incredible women. We have four widows/single mothers who need housing right now. We believe for around $5000 you could come and build a house for their family. What a blessing for you and the widow you choose. Please contact Diana Ferrell at dfreenhim3@gmail.com or ferrelld@globaloutreach.org for more information about this project.


Orphan Education Scholarship Fund.

CWI invites you to be part of helping the children of Uganda. Together we can create a positive impact and transform lives through the power of education. Help us empower young minds and give them the tools to succeed.

You can play a crucial role in making this vision a reality by supporting our Orphan’s Education Scholarship Fund. Your contributions will go directly towards providing scholarships, school supplies, and educational resources to underprivileged students, helping them overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

For a Primary school child $300 for 3 terms.
For a Secondary school youth $500 for 3 terms.
For a University Student $1000 for 2 terms.

Maybe you can get your group to choose a student by age. Maybe they could be your child’s age or one the group would choose. You can write to the child and send birthday cards to encourage he/she in their schooling.

Thank you so much, this work is impossible without your generosity, and we can’t wait to keep you updated about the impact your money is making. Please check whether we have your contact as we would like to remain praying for you too.