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Compassionate Women Initiative



    In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus Christ gives us the power, mandate and a direct directive to spread the Gospel. We thus take this commission as both an inspiration and a command from our Lord to  spread the Gospel and to help the needy.

    Women world wide suffer discrimination due to the cultures in place. This causes them to suffer poverty especially in cases of loss of a husband, in some areas they also lack basic health providences that a woman requires in her life, such requirements include sanitary pads , sex education, etc. But we also found out that helping women and ignoring men is not effective enough since these women stay together with the men in the community. Thus we also take up men in our custody  but our main focus is women

    Well, we can just say it was God’s will. As a missionary Diana Ferrell General can go to any country, but God put it in her heart to focus on Uganda.

    Yes, in prayer, in advice, in donations, volunteering, visitations, telling your friend about us, etc.