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In 2021, CWI’s Grace Ministry department took over Widows Might from a truly outstanding missionary, Monique Ladosz. We took over helping the 50 widows and their orphans.
We have changed Widows Might into a community development department by having quarterly meetings with the Widows and single mothers to learn soft skills, income generating, business, and entrepreneurial skills. Many of the women are now self-sustaining and not depending on CWI. This is what we want to see as a project to bring wholeness to a woman to be able to provide for her family.
We need $300 a month to help the widows and single mothers we take care of now. But we would love to add to this number and could add another 50 for $600 a month.

You might like to come to Uganda and see these incredible women. We have four widows/single mothers who need housing right now. We believe for around $5000 you could come and build a house for their family. What a blessing for you and the widow you choose. Please contact Diana Ferrell at or for more information about this project.

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