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Orphan Support / Education

Many Ugandan children live with a simple expectation of a school that will kick start their lifetime learning, so they can uplift their families out of poverty. We mobilise around their dreams to ensure this hope is a reality for them who have .

Trainings / Adult Education

Because of Uganda’s poverty dynamics, many people in the villages we work miss out on the opportunity to learn, and obtain skills and competences that will help them overcome a lifetime of marginalisation. CWI is eager to come along on their journey through adolescent education women empowerment and education.

Community Development

Real development in Africa requires infrastructure, but due to the pervasive corruption, hospitals, homes, and other rehabilitation facilities must bear the burden. The restoration of institutions that support people and development is complemented by CWI programs.


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    Medical Campaigns

    Reaching Out To The Medically Needy

    We always reach out to the medically needy since many of the locals may not afford proper medical healthcare. Because of lack many of them stay with a medical condition for years which leads to more complicated illness or a permanent effect on their bodies or even death. You can lend a helping hand by clicking the button below, your donation will be used to transport medical personnel to remote areas, buy medicines, and carry our medical procedures, thank you so much!