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December 2, 2023March 12, 2024

Make a Lasting Impact on Emma’s Life Today

Make a Lasting Impact on Emma’s Life Today


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Single mum, an abandoned son, and a rising hope

Getting married is typically an exciting and memorable experience unless your name is Petwa Busiko. In 1998, at 32, Petwa married a born-again Christian and preacher, unaware of the challenges that awaited her. Despite his love, the marriage took a tragic turn with the loss of their first two children. Although they later had three more children, one, Emma, faced health issues that evolved into cerebral palsy. Her husband left, and Petwa, now abandoned with three children, had to navigate caring for Emma, a special needs child and providing for her teenage daughter, who had dropped out of high school.

This Giving Tuesday, we aim to assist Petwa and her family. They urgently need shelter, as local authorities deem their current living conditions unlivable. Access to a proper toilet facility is also lacking. The situation is dire, and your willingness to help is crucial.

If 17 people each contribute $500, we can raise $8,500 and significantly impact the lives of this struggling family. Your support today can bring hope to the abandoned family and, especially, to Emma. Will you join us in making a positive change for them?

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