Medicines and Supplies

Every medical outreach and service we provide needs to be supplied with drugs, gauze, sutures, wound dressings, gloves, IV cannulas (23) fine-gauge needles, and much more. Your gift helps us buy medicines and supplies.

Jinja Referral Hospital Children's Outpatient Department

Medical Outreach

Women’s Training Classes

We teach women to rise out of hopelessness and helplessness through Christ, then they train many others. Women who complete a CWI course become trainers in their own communities. They teach life skills and the Gospel message to empower other women. Help a woman learn to support herself.

Animals & Agriculture

Cows give protein-rich milk that strengthens growing children. Just like Pastor Tiondi, their parents can sell extra milk to pay for their children’s education. With your support we can buy and feed animals that provide people with nourishment. Help pull a family out of poverty.

CWI Dental Health and Hygiene

Contact CWI

Compassionate Women Initiative Office, Uganda
Plot 33, Lubogo Road. Jinja, Uganda
P.O. BOX 1764
Tel: +256 039 323 9572

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