CWI Farm is another of CWI’s Sustainable Projects with poultry and agriculture. These profits facilitate CWI’s core projects of Discipleship, Trainings, and Community Health.

Currently, CWI has built a new chicken house that will hold 2000 layers. The goal is by 2020 to have 4,000 layer birds in both chicken houses. Chicks are purchased, raised, and the resulting chickens produce eggs daily for income generation. To ensure that we have chickens throughout the entire year, CWI farm needs to procure a minimum of 500 layer birds every 15 months which costs about $490 each time of purchase. The old chickens that cannot lay anymore are then sold off. The manure is sold as well. The chicken project provides additional revenues for other trainings and health work.

CWI Farm holds trainings on Farming God’s Way, Modern Poultry Keeping, and Agricultural studies with interns and volunteers.

Future Prospects

  • CWI wants to turn the farm into a model farm for agritourism, farm demonstrations, accommodations, and others.
  • Every quarter the farm wants to give a Basket-full of farm produce from the farm stores toward CWI’s Mercy Ministry.



The CWI Craft Studio is one of our sustainable projects. The Craft Studio specializes in making cards with the uniqueness of beautiful multicolored Kitengi materials. The Studio also designs crown earrings, bracelets of beads and threads, scrunchies, headbands and Kitengi animals.

The purpose of the Craft Studio is to raise support for the CWI ministry projects. That way CWI will not have to go to outside sources to continue it ministry into the future.

The Craft Studio gives back to the community by offering free craft trainings to unemployed or underemployed women in the communities. These training can help empower women to generate their own income or add to their income to earn a living to help their families.

The Studio plans to acquire a large place to work as a gallery and exhibition space here in Jinja. This will help to show case CWI Craft Studio products better.

You can shop our products on the Craft Studio page.
Here are some of the things you can buy:

  • Small and Large Kitengi Cards – Holidays, Animals, Baby, etc.
  • Scrunchies and Headbands made from Kitengi materials
  • Our famous Crown Earrings and paper bead earrings
  • Necklaces and bracelets and stuffed animals. Check it out!!


Contact CWI

Compassionate Women Initiative Office, Uganda
Plot 33, Lubogo Road. Jinja, Uganda
P.O. BOX 1764
Tel: +256 039 323 9572

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