Medical Outreach

Medical Outreach

It is undeniable that health care access is still poor in Uganda. The greatest burden of disease usually falls on families who have low incomes and whose access to health care is the most limited.

CWI holds four (4) Medical Outreach every year in partnership with the local churches in the slums and rural areas of Uganda. CWI helps to provide proper diagnosis and treatment to the identified communities.

Each Medical Outreach costs $4,000, which covers the needed drugs and medicines, paying additional hired medical professionals, equipment, chairs and tables, etc.

CWI conducts health talks to create awareness on the prevention of the common illnesses such as Malaria, which is the leading cause of deaths for children under 5 in Uganda. CWI also educates the communities on malnutrition, hygiene, and sanitation


Mercy Ministry

CWI supports individuals with serious life threating health conditions, such as children with hydrocephalous, malnutrition, orthopedic complications, and many others. CWI with your help can pay medical bills and give transport costs. CWI further helps by offering pycho/social support from our Social Worker, giving hope to the affected individuals and their families.


Jinja Referral Hospital Children's Outpatient Department



2017 Dental Treatment and Oral Health Education Mission in Moyo, northern Uganda Whether a new believer or seasoned disciple of Christ, you can grow by working to build His Kingdom on earth. Ask if this is your time, and Uganda is your place. Many others have followed that call over the years. In 2017, mission teams from the USA and the UK delivered much-needed medical, dental and wound care to those most in need.

Dental Health and Hygiene

CWI training in health-related subjects includes oral health education and tooth-brushing instruction. We teach people that brushing one’s teeth should be part of their every-day routine. Brushing twice a day every day, and having a healthy diet, prevents dental decay. This is just one among many subjects that we teach women about general health, reproduction, and hygiene.

CWI Dental Health and Hygiene

CWI Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

A Ugandan woman gladly uses crutches she received during a medical outreach in Moyo.

Wheelchairs and crutches make a real impact on lives because they provide mobility. When injuries prevent people from moving around they can’t join in community activities and eventually become marginalized.

We quite often have mothers and babies who come unprepared to stay or not able to provide for their child. CWI provides baby blankets, baby clothes and booties, and other things to help them through.


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