Sick children know. Hungry widows and families know. Lost people, now saved, know. Thanks to Diana Ferrell’s acts of comfort and Christian discipleship their lives are radically changing.

Diana serves desperately poor women and families in Uganda. Thanks to her vision, guidance and oversight about 300 to 500 very sick children get medical attention and treatment monthly. Thousands of helpless widows every year are learning life and job skills. Diana has seen their hearts and ears open to the Gospel message.

“After we've listened to and cared for them, after we've given them medicine, and fed them, and taught them how to dig out their hopes and dreams, that’s when it happens. Their lives begin to radically change. That’s why I’m doing this work. I've been doing it for 15 years and have fallen in love with the essence of hope that's deeply buried in the soil in Uganda.”

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